Trade Show & Event Security

GSS Security is pleased to to have John C. Le Roy of J.C. Le Roy Security Consulting as our exclusive consultant for Trade & Consumer Shows and Special Events Division. The Trade & Consumer Show and Special Events Division of GSS Security Ltd. is a specialized field with Security Officers dedicated to it exclusively. They are trained in areas dealing with the public including Emergency Procedures, Crowd Control, Search and Seizure and Powers of Arrest. GSS Security Ltd. has through J.C. Leroy Security Consulting established a First Medical Response Team consisting of Fire Service personnel. A comprehensive Emergency Procedures Plan and a Crisis Management Plan is prepared for all events covered by GSS Security Ltd.

GSS provides dedicated security guards to individual booths at both trade and consumer shows.

We can provide qualified First Aid responders. All First Aid are off duty Fire Fighters from the GTA and certified on an annual basis.

Other services we can provide include:

Main Entrance/Front Door Control, Freight & Loading Dock Control, Emergency Exit Door Control, Patrol and Relief, Supervisors, General Event Security Rock Concerts, Festivals, Fairs etc.
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